Sick Days Do Happen

After not feeling well the last couple of days, I start to thinking to myself how much easier and less stressful it is now when I am sick compared to before my transplant. Before transplant I had to stay at home and make sure that I drank lots of high calorie drinks. Most of the time these drinks were Sprite because it was carbonated and loads of calories. But like today or the days prior when I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t have to push as much fluids like I used to. I still have to keep hydrated don’t get me wrong but not like before and I can eat any foods that will soot my stomach.

Prior to transplant, these sick days were not always what everyone considers sick days. An MSUD child like myself these sick days were either when i was actually sick with the flu and also when my levels were high. The levels have caused hallucinations and made me lethargic. This automatically triggered my parents to put me on a low protein diet. This low protein diet consisted of jell-o and special low protein foods that is made for MSUD and PKU patients. I remember one time that I was sick I had low protein pizza from the MSUD Cookbook my parents got when I was a baby. I still sometime can taste the pizza even after 12 years of not having any low protein foods.

Many times my colds these days will last a lot longer than normal and I blame that on my suppressed immune system. With my transplant I take anti-suppressant medicine to make sure my liver doesn’t go through rejection. However it normally takes about 3-4 weeks for a common cold to officially get out of my system. But prior to transplant, the colds lasted only a couple of days making it much easier to resume back to childhood life.




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