Mom’s Savings Challenge 2019 Week 1 and 2 Recap

jan1-14 update

We are in the middle of the month already! How are you all doing with your savings plan? Did you go under or over your budget for the last two weeks? Or were you able to save anything towards those big goals you have for 2019?As I was working on my savings goals, I realized that working on our savings goals weekly wasn’t the best option. I get paid twice a month and that seemed like a better option for my family and I to accomplish. Thus I will be talking about the past two weeks of the year on how we did.

How did we do?

Meal planning for meals (mainly lunch and dinner) and sticking to it has been much easier than before. We have had one or two days were we fell off the wagon and didn’t stick to the dinner plan. But for the majority we did good. Now snacks and breakfasts that’s a totally different ball game that I need to tackle now. We tend to snack on things around the house when its a day we are just relaxing around the house. If we are busy or going places, we don’t tend to snack on food.

My husband grew up eating breakfast every morning while I didn’t always have breakfast when I was growing up. Thus breakfast is always a struggle in our house. I would prefer a muffin or banana for breakfast everyday while my husband would like biscuits and gravy. So making it a point to plan breakfast for the weekend is my goal and work from there.

We were $5 under budget per week and I was able to put that into both kids saving accounts. However we weren’t able to put anything towards the home like we planned. But the month isn’t over yet. We still have another paycheck or two that I can put money to.

What we want to do next paycheck:

For the second half of the month, I really want to stick to our meal plan. As I was going over the expenses for the first half, I saw a lot of small purchases for water or pop from hubby and I. That needs to be toned down as that can add up a lot. For groceries to cover the second half I was able to come in $40 under budget. The remaining amount could be used for any staple foods that we run out of such as milk or bread. But any remaining will go towards home savings.

We also are registering our son into preschool. So we are starting to get ready for that and set some amount out each paycheck to help with tuition or back to school supplies will help. We will be cutting back on some categories to our budget that we don’t necessarily need right now. Also, like Kyla mentioned in her blog the Krazy Coupon Lady. I constantly look at her site when creating our meal plan and grocery list. I have found some great deals there along with using Ibotta app to get cash back.

If you haven’t seen Kyla’s week one post yet, make sure to go to her site and read how her savings challenge has gone.


Xo Brittany


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